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Cybersecurity threats are complex and constantly evolving. The security challenges faced by your organization are addressable when paired with the wisdom, objectivity and experience of an actual CISO. Our Virtual CISO offering places a security expert on your team to bring structure and guidance to your compliance journey.

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Identification is the cornerstone of your compliance journey. Different assets carry different risks. Where are you most exposed? Can you rank your assets, processes and third parties according to your exposure to risk?


Each risk requires a toolset and/or a long-term plan. What actions are you taking within your organization to ensure your identified risks are minimized? Higher risk items by definition are more detrimental to the success of your organization.


Without detection, your security program is blind. It's critical to have dashboards and alerts to inform you about potential gaps in your protective measures. This insight will aid your team in creating actionable dashboards and minimize alert fatigue.


No incident response plan will ever foresee all possible situations, so your response planning focuses on communications, analysis, and mitigation strategies that will allow your team to methodically act to minimize impact to people, operations and assets. Teams cannot execute a coordinated response if they are unprepared. It's critical that your company regularly rehearse scenarios to ensure there are no gaps in the response measures.


Your recovery should prioritize the restoration of business related activities without introducing risk. Communication and monitoring are particularly crucial during the recovery process in order to meet your clients' expectations.