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  • NIST CSF Framework Added

    New feature


  • Introducing My Procedure Manual

    New feature

    My Procedures

  • Bulk Control Management

    New feature

    If you’ve dealt with compliance frameworks, you know that not every available control applies to your company. There may be controls that reference regional requirements or PCI compliance that don’t apply to your organization. HITRUST has a whopping 1800+ controls. We’ve made it incredibly easy to filter for classes of controls you don’t need and mark them as not applicable. If you need the control at a later time, it can be reactivated as well.

  • Annual Reviews

    New feature

    Policies must be reviewed annually by designated personnel in the organization. With PolicyCo, you can set a date and a list of one or more authorized reviewers. When the anniversary date arrives, all parties are notified and signatures are collected.

  • Departments

    New feature

    Now you can manage your teams by creating departments. This feature is a stepping stone towards being able to assign company procedures to the appropriate members of your organization. Departments will be a critical requirement once we complete SSO via SAML2 as well.

  • Assign Users and Departments to Procedures

    New feature

    It’s now possible to assign your users to specific procedures. This is a stepping stone towards our vision of allowing for custom procedure manuals within your organization. Imagine that your entire staff has access to all relevant procedures needed to properly perform their job duties.

  • Hyperlink Articles and Procedures

    New feature

    Policies and Procedures commonly need to reference other areas of policies. A great deal of planning went into this feature. Standard hyperlinks are inadequate because it’s not possible to view the information behind the link without navigating to it. Hyperlinks in PolicyCo have a “peek” feature that reveals the contents of the linked content inline. This benefits the end user by promoting continuity while disgesting information.

  • HITRUST 9.4 Added

    New feature

    For those of you who are following the latest HITRUST 9.4 guidlelines, we recently added them to the our HITRUST library. PolicyCo makes it easy for you to migrate to new versions of HITRUST without disrupting your existing mappings.

  • Agile Policy


    Technological improvement is based on a survival of the fittest framework. As it turns out, the agile framework is a pretty good approximation for emulating evolution. Agile purposefully injects iterations in 2 to 6 week periods. This is enough time to do some quality work but not enough time to get mired in endless decision making. This is, in effect, an unstoppable agent of change for better and also, for worse. The underlying beauty of it is that if the change failed or was sub-par, a newly proposed solution is just a few weeks away.

  • Inline Images

    New feature

    We’re excited to announce our newest feature, Inline Images. Yes, most platforms already allow users to place images into their narrative, but this is something we de-prioritized while working on other key functions. A picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true when writing procedures that are intended to inform and educate.