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    Link Evidence to External Controls

    New feature

    Link Evidence to Exernal Controls

    We did it! Link your evidence gathering activities to multiple external controls. This incredible feature allows you to carefully manage coverage of your evidence gathering activities back to each relevant control.

    Frameworks and Bug Fixes

    New feature

    Frameworks and Bug Fixes

    We decided to make frameworks more visible to all the users in your organization. They still exist in the settings area, specifically for activation and deactivation of the controls that matter to your organization, but it’s become clear to us that allowing everyone the ability to search across frameworks outside settings is a huge improvement.

    Many to Many Procedures

    New feature

    Many to Many Procedures

    When we first developed the PolicyCo platform, we made the assumption that there should be one procedure for one article. We soon realized both through customer conversations and our own personal experience that this was not a very scalable architecture. Articles tend to be general while procedures are highly prescriptive.

    How Do I Write A Policy?

    Best practices

    How To Write A Policy


    With such a straightforward title, how could this possibly be a difficult question to answer? Most people who’ve ventured into policy writing start a few sentences and quickly realize how daunting the task becomes.

    Version Control Button Update

    New feature

    Version Control Button

    This morning we released an update to the Version Control Buttons within our platform.

    Our platform manages changes to policy language through an approval workflow. Each new version can only be approved by designated managers after a review process has been completed.

    Dashboard Improvements

    New feature


    The PolicyCo dashboard is designed to keep track of your overall team effort related to your policy and compliance goals. Every article, procedure and evidence template is displayed with badges that indicate which articles need to be reviewed, which procedures still need to be written or when evidence needs to be gathered.

    NIST CSF Framework Added

    New feature


    PolicyCo now includes the NIST CSF framework.

    We recently added the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) to the PolicyCo platform, complementing HIPAA, SOC2, and HITRUST.

    Introducing My Procedure Manual

    New feature

    My Procedures

    Our latest update gives managers the ability to assign procedures to specific departments or individuals.

    Bulk Control Management

    New feature

    If you’ve dealt with compliance frameworks, you understand that not every available control applies to your company. There may be controls that reference regional requirements or PCI compliance that don’t apply to your organization.

    Annual Reviews

    New feature

    Policies must be reviewed annually by designated personnel in the organization. With PolicyCo, you can set a date and a list of one or more authorized reviewers.


    New feature

    Now you can manage your teams by creating departments. This feature is a stepping stone towards being able to assign company procedures to the appropriate members of your organization.

    Assign Users and Departments to Procedures

    New feature

    It’s now possible to assign your users to specific procedures. This is a stepping stone towards our vision of allowing for custom procedure manuals within your organization.