New Features! | PolicyCo So much has happened since our last announcement. Incredibly, a year has passed. I think we all can agree that 2020 has been a strange one with a surprise almost every month.

If this year taught us anything, it’s that when things change, we’ve got to keep up. Remote workers need new Policies and Procedures promptly to keep things moving. Read on to learn more. 


We’ve made the pricing much easier. Just 3 plans ranging from $250/mo - $950/mo. All plans include unlimited policies and frameworks. We also have a  free  account that you can keep forever with a single policy.


We have 27 policies in the Marketplace now. Each one is pre-mapped to 650+ HITRUST controls, 180 HIPAA controls, and 250 SOC2 controls. All you need to do is choose a policy from the Marketplace and activate a Framework.


It’s not easy to sum this up in a sentence or two, but we’ve added HIPAA, SOC2, and HITRUST to PolicyCo. If you have your own policies, that’s great. Add them to PolicyCo and then manually map each control through our frameworks and controls tool. You really have to see this feature to believe it. We will be actively adding new frameworks. Hit us up on Twitter and let us know which frameworks you’d like to see next.


We did it! Map evidence directly to an article. You can even map  multiple  pieces of evidence. Since controls from frameworks are also mapped to articles, we now have a comprehensive way to link articles -> procedures -> controls -> evidence. This means no more evidence gathering duplication. Link evidence templates to other articles in case a single piece of evidence can satisfy multiple control statements. This functionality really shines.


Jump between policies and articles in just a few clicks. Your policies are always available in the sidebar. Articles and policies share quick filters at the top, making it easy to access exactly what you are looking for.


The dashboard shows policies, procedures, evidence, and bookmarks. Filter it down to your name and instantly see where to focus your efforts. Filter it for others to see how the team is progressing.


We made a really slick viewer responsive for mobile devices, making it easy for your staff to read your policies. We have some great ideas for the future of the viewer so expect frequent improvements here.


We discovered that it was important to be able to bookmark an article. This really helps during meetings by treating questionable policies or procedures as to-do items.


Search is amazing. Find combinations of words throughout your articles, procedures, controls, and evidence. Search is compelling because the search is acting across all your policies at once. Selecting the result takes you directly to the full text. After you use this feature, you’ll probably offer to pay us more than we are charging :)

Code block Formatting

Geeks out there will appreciate being able to place monospaced code blocks with line numbers into their procedures.

If you looked at PolicyCo and found it was missing some key features, I’d encourage you to give us another shot. Log in and hit the chat to schedule a demo.

Stay safe out there.