A Quick Overview of PolicyCo | PolicyCo PolicyCo was born because a typical word processor doesn’t have the features required to track authorship and evidence down to a specific paragraph (article). Anyone who has written or revised policy can understand that the logistical hurdles to securing that content, versioning, and promoting it are simply beyond the scope of the modern word processor.


Articles are the basic unit of content. Articles will have a unique number or sequence and will contain a cohesive singular message. Articles titles are displayed in the table of contents for a Policy.


Sections are a collection of related articles. Section 1.0 will contain articles 1.1, 1.2, etc.


A policy is a collection of Articles and optionally Sections.


Articles and sections will not be displayed to the viewer unless they are published. Look for the blue version information on the article editor to determine whether an article has been published or not.

We hope you enjoy your 30-day free trial, and we look forward to adding exciting new features to help you manage all aspects of policy creation and compliance.