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  • Agile Policy


    Technological improvement is based on a survival of the fittest framework. As it turns out, the agile framework is a pretty good approximation for emulating evolution. Agile purposefully injects iterations in 2 to 6 week periods. This is enough time to do some quality work but not enough time to get mired in endless decision making. This is, in effect, an unstoppable agent of change for better and also, for worse. The underlying beauty of it is that if the change failed or was sub-par, a newly proposed solution is just a few weeks away.

  • Policy Structure


    One of the more challenging aspects of creating policies for an organization is deciding on which categories to begin with. Maintaining 40-60 policies can overcomplicate an already complicated process. I found an article from February 2014 by David Lineman called How to Structure Information Security Policies, that resonated with me. In this article, he offers advice on how which categories to start out with.

  • PolicyCo is Live!


    After 9 months of planning and development, the first phase of PolicyCo is in production. All customers get a 30 day free trial. Baseline features include:

  • Policy Is Not Linear


    Let’s face it, not much has changed in the world of policy writing. The medium has changed (handwritten, typewriters, computers), but the linear nature of writing has remained. Most policy shares common elements including a numbering system with an established hierarchy and a title or header to help the reader know the topic. Organizations crafting policy face a similar set of problems once they embark on the writing process. Let’s explore the pain points in more detail.